Friday, April 25, 2008

Here I am Back..

Hello everyone out there, I am back blogging again..Why suddenly back?haha..just get bored of studying tired as i sat for 4 papers in a week without any tat's really torturing ah...i still here wasting my time typing and surfing the net early in the morning yet i still got lots to catch..but i just can find the mood to study and the strenght..still very tired although i slept early last nite..keep on yawning the best to everyone up there..i will keep update my blog as soon as possible after my exam..will put in more wait yea..hehe..good day and god bless..


sang said...

haha.. welcome back xD

Melvin said...

hi janice. I was here...

Carol said...

hey janice! Was nice catching up with u and the rest the other nite at pumpkin! Just knew you blog too! hehe, do visit me at times ya?

Anonymous said...

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